Keeping your kids safe – a couple of cautions…

kids and dogWith warm weather finally here, many parents are undoubtedly getting ready for all sorts of different summer activities around the house. If your home is like mine, you’re probably being ‘helped’ a lot of the time by the kids. With that in mind, here are a few things to remember.

Opening the windows to let the cool air in is a natural for many people. But windows and doors are also danger zones for heads and hands. Make sure that when windows are open they are locked in place to prevent them from being opened even more by little hands. Windows that are lower to the floor should not be opened more than 12cm to ensure that heads do not get stuck in them. Window screens are designed to keep the bugs out but are no challenge for a child to push out – they will not prevent our kids from falling out.

When you have outdoor air flowing through the home, ALL doors can open and close without warning depending on the movement of the air. Not only will a slamming door wake up your (finally) sleeping baby, but they also provide very efficient pinch points for fingers. Consider rubber door stops on certain rooms to make sure the doors stay put when you want them to.

Everyone has seen the videos of people walking in to what they thought were open patio doors only to find out that they’re not. Colorful stickers (or at our home, children’s art exhibits) on the glass are great reminders to children that there is in fact a glass door in front of them.

One more very important thing to remember … Whenever you are using the BBQ, never leave it unattended, especially if pets or small children are around. And remember, it will stay hot enough to give very serious burns for quite a while after it is turned off. So make sure it is cool before you relax!

These may sound like obvious suggestions that everyone already knows, but it’s not ‘the knowing’ that’s important. It’s ‘the remembering’ and ‘the doing’ that keeps our kids safe.

Stay tuned. More ideas are coming.

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