12. Should I be concerned about Radon? Can you check the Radon level in my home? What should I do if the Radon level is too high?

Every home owner or tenant should be concerned about Radon. Radon is the second highest cause of lung cancer after smoking, and radon may be present in your home even if it is absent in others in your neighborhood. Fortunately, radon is not a common problem in Victoria, but homeowners should still check to be certain.
No home inspector can perform an accurate radon test during a typical home inspection. A check for Radon requires monitoring for at least 7 days to obtain an accurate result. More reliable tests last up to three months or longer. Many building supply stores and hardware stores sell affordable Homeowner Radon Test kits for well under $100. These kits are simple to use, and will tell you if you need to be concerned.
If your Radon level is too high, remediation is strongly advised. The process, however, is neither difficult nor prohibitively expensive. Most homes can be protected for under $1000. Do not let concern about Radon discourage you from making an otherwise smart purchase decision.
Learn more about radon by visiting the Health Canada or the Lung Association webpages.