2. How is Meadowvale Home Inspection Services different from other home inspection companies in Victoria?

The difference between Meadowvale Home Inspection Services and other Victoria inspection companies is in the extra value Meadowvale provides.
In addition to providing a thorough home inspection,
  • Meadowvale can scan the property at the same time as the home inspection for underground oil tanks. We first use our magnetic locator to find suspicious areas, and then confirm the presence (or hopefully the absence) of an underground oil tank using our own ground penetrating radar unit.
  • Meadowvale can investigate the condition of the perimeter drains during the inspection. We use our own CCTV camera at the time of home inspection. No need to schedule an outside company to come at some later date.
  •  Meadowvale includes a free book “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” with every inspection – 96 pages of full colour and packed with information. Know how to maintain your home, and what to do when problems arise down the road.
  • Meadowvale includes a monthly Home Maintenance Newsletter personalized for your specific home. (You have to opt in to receive this. We will never send you material you do not specifically request.)
Our home inspections are thorough and complete. We give you a detailed home inspection report on the condition of the property at the time of the inspection, and let you know what is important using pictures and, where appropriate, videos of what we observe.