Perimeter Drains

Our Home Inspectors can check your Perimeter Drains

Meadowvale Home Inspection Services gives you the option of having your perimeter drains inspected with our very own storm drain CCTV drain cameras during your home inspection.  The results are included in your inspection report, and provided to you at the same time.

Our video camera inspection gives you a complete understanding of what is happening below ground level.  Other home inspectors are just guessing. Or they pass you along to some other company that can inspect the drains.  This causes is delay, and the possibility of losing the deal.

During a video camera inspection, our inspectors verify the condition of the main drain and carefully examine for any drain defects or problems.

Camera Inspections detect the following issues:

  • Tree root penetration;
  • Cracked or broken sections of pipe;
  • Misaligned joints;
  • Debris build-up;
  • Obstructions or blockages;
  • Negative grade sloping.

Whether you plan on purchasing a newly built home, an older home or simply plan to renovate your basement, your perimeter drains are too important to overlook.

Our video camera inspection service is the fastest and most effective method available to locate suspected problem areas within perimeter drain lines.  If we find a problem, we let you know immediately so you can determine the best course of action. There is no need to call an outside company, schedule an inspection, and wait to hear the results. Meadowvale will tell you the condition of the perimeter drain system as soon as your home is inspected.  This will save you and your realtor time, and you’ll be able to move forward with your purchase negotiations.

Cost:  $75 if ordered within 30 days of a home inspection.

Stand-alone perimeter drain inspections are no longer available.  Contact us with any questions or special requests.





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